Are you refueling mobile equipment underground?

Are you storing explosives underground in a magazine?

Installing a fire shutter is a recommended safety measure for fire-proofing the mine.

Wilshaw have designed and manufactured a new range of fire-proof roller shutters aimed directly at the underground market.

These come in a variety of colours and sizes and have the ability to open and close either manually or via a motor.

Wilshaw fire proof roller shutters can even incorporate an automatic descent feature, meaning, if a fire was to occur in the refuelling bay or explosives magazine, the fire-proof roller shutter would automatically desend and contain the fire, preventing it from spreading and filling the mine with dangerous smoke and gases.

Wilshaw fire proof shutters incorporate industrial fire rated roller shutters that have been tested and certified by the CSIRO Material Science and Engineering department, and are also NATA accredited.

Remove the risk to your workforce and utilise Wilshaw’s proven experience to help keep your mine safe.

All Wilshaw fire proof roller shutters are engineer designed and certified to Australian Standards and comply with all applicable mining regulations and recommendations.

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